Monday, May 15, 2017


Saturday, I spoke with window vender #3 and made a choice, which makes me feel good. I made some phone calls - and damn it, had to actually speak to the salesperson in  in person, I had been hoping to give the bad news to their voice mails, but no luck on that. On Monday I'm going to call appointment number four and call that one off.

Window World  won the contract! They gave me a very realistic quote  and a timeline I can work with.

So,  one problem under control.

Other than meeting with the window salesman, I had nothing else scheduled. I slept late both days, it was a great weekend. I still managed to get my weekly shopping done, did my laundry - braved the suddenly scary-to-me basement, mowed both lawns, and made a dreamy pork loin for dinner Sunday night. Oh, and last week I found my glasses!

Last year I spent a lot of time and effort finding just the right frames and I shopped and looked and really expended a lot of time and energy on finding frames. I did find the frames, for almost nothing at Sames - but the lenses are crap and are scratched the hell and  there is nothing I can do about it,I will not be buying from them again, at least not my main, every day glasses - you get what you pay for and I am living that. I wish retailers and insurance would let you buy your frames from point A and you lenses from Point B, it would save the public a lot of money and encourage healthy competition.

This year, I went to Lenscrafters at the mall, I looked at the frames, I found a couple I liked, I asked the technician what she thought of them and she agreed with me that the above was the best choice. Done. I have an appointment with my eye doctor on the twenty-fifth and I'll just toddle back to the mall afterwards and get these ordered. Done.

But no, you can't do that and they dun you if you try. Last year I bought the exact same frames from Sams at less than half the price they were selling them at Lenscrafters, the lenses were shockingly cheaper, however, today they are covered in scratches and I never dropped them or put them through any unusual treatment. Lenscrafters would never let this happen, they have a coating they use and if you buy insurance, they will replace scratched lenses. Sams does not.

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