Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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It just keeps getting better doesn't it? I wanted to put Seth Myers A Closer Look here, but since it hasn't aired yet, its everywhere but on Youtube, its on Twitter, its on Facebook but I am too much of a luddite to figre out how to get it from point A or B to point Here.

I watched it on Twitter, it was very good.

If you have been spending a lot of your time hiding under a nice comfortable rock, I feel you and you have my congratulations. You have been successful where most of us have not.  You have missed a lot today though and I am going to slap you with a truth bomb on your head.  From Buzzfeed, right above the feature on "Which Mean Girl are you The Most Like"

Trump disclosed highly-classified-information to the Russians.

President Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian officials during a meeting last week at the White House, two US officials confirmed Monday to BuzzFeed News.
The meeting included Russia's ambassador, Sergei Kislyak, and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The disclosures were first reported by the Washington Post, which cited current and former US officials who said the information was considered so sensitive that some details had been withheld from American allies and was restricted within the US government.
Two US officials who were briefed on Trump’s disclosures last week confirmed to BuzzFeed News the veracity of the Washington Post report, with one noting that “it’s far worse than what has already been reported.” The official was referring to the extent of the classified intelligence information Trump disclosed to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister.
The information Trump shared included intelligence on an ISIS plot that had been passed to the US by a partner, which was not identified. But Trump's disclosure was considered a potential blow to the intelligence-sharing arrangement, and White House officials reportedly moved quickly to contain the fallout.

I know from my Twitter time, that the IC community must be very, very angry about this. I'm so fancy now, I know that IC means, "Intelligence Community",  he has done nothing but piss them off since before he even took office and the fact that he divulged a thing  like this would have huge blowback from them and to them. They will be very angry, this with the Comy thing is going to make the FBI leak like cheap pool floaty. @20committee

 Cheeto is bleeding and he's swimming with starving sharks. I also learned that it wasn't just that he let the Russians have top secret Squirrel info, he let the Russians have one of our allies top secret Squirell info. Bad form, treasonous form. #lockhimup.

 For your who-is-that edification I give you the very educational and up to date: The Washington Post Trump- Russia flow chart . I have another chart that I have posted in the past, but it doesn't even have the Russians he met with last week, weak! so it goes into the hamper.

On to happier things? I was wandering through my front deck and I noticed that among the weeds in one of my planters, that I still have a functional Elephant Ear plant!

The other one apparently died over the winter, but the plant that died before the elephant ear and lived in the same pot, seems to have come back. It doesn't bloom, its a Bleeding Heart, so if it did bloom, it would be spectacular . Perhaps I need to fertilize.

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