Friday, May 12, 2017


I decided to take the trash out to the curb before it got too late as I give my self a gold star for getting that job done 1) not in my pajamas and 2) not at 5am . I wanted to get the cat box cleaned out so I could add that to the trash before I took it out, fine, I was cleaning it out when I became aware of the  oddest noise...

The pouding of rain on the roof. Pounding. Normally, I I can hear it on the metal roof of the carport, this was the roof roof and it sounded like Texas rain. It had been gorgeous when I was out with the dog not  forty minutes before. No signs or symptoms of imminent sky opening up. No wind, no nothing.

 I hurried up and went downstairs and low and behold it was indeed pounding rain. I then remembered that I had the lawn umbrella up and I needed to take it down before it came down on it own. Well, before it was pouding with rain it was gusting with wind because my umbrella was on the ground when I got out there, in the pounding rain. The super best time to try to  unhoist it. Brought it in, dripping rain, and had to put it in the my spaghetti pot to keep it from flooding my entry way.

I tried to get the dog to come out with me into the pounding rain to pee while I was out there, because misery loves company but he wisely refused. Smart dog.

It only rained like that for a brief time but, damn. On the upside, I am soaked, but my basement is not. It is dry.

The trash did get taken out, I was glad I took it out after the rain came, the wind must have been really strong, my neighbors trash was on its side. I didn't hear anything until the rain started and I spent most of the evening my an open window.  Between my reruns and my deeply engrossing Twitter feed, I must have been really distracted - I blame Cheeto.

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