Thursday, May 11, 2017


I sat down to write this and I starting thinking how lousy today was and how high stress and then I thought, you know what I really want to do? I really want to watch Barney Miller reruns, they just started running them on whatever channel it is that runs the M*A*S*H reruns and I started to record them too. There are many fewer of them broadcast ever week, like a total of five, so its not as overwhelming a proposition.

I missed Barney Miller, I used to watch it in reruns after school ever day. It has a great theme, you get to see the towers opening credits and New York is how it exists in everyone's memories, dirty, violent and crime ridden by easily caught bad guys. And the cops are nice. I would suggest skipping the ones with Linda Lavin, her character is way too frantic, she totally ruins the vibe.

When I was really little I was heartbroken to find out that the actor who played Wogahowitzes real last name was Gail - a girls name - I couldn't get over that. I don't know why that bothered me so much at the time, but it just seemed wrong.

I'm going to go watch my TV. I;m also going to suggest that you start reading and if you are on Twitter,  that you begin to follow  John Schindler @20committee as quickly as possible. It would be worth joining Twitter just to follow him, and me, I am @megjac and I re-tweet a lot.

Also spoke to two more window venders, set up one more visit, going to call the other vender tomorrow.

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