Friday, May 19, 2017


Another day another three or four chances to say "Oh Jesus H. Christ What Fresh Hell is This?! Every morning when I check my phone  I morph into Captain Picard and I am asking whomever he asks to give the bridge a  DAMAGE REPORT, because I know something terrible has happened over night. I wake up every morning and the first thing I ask is "Do we still have California? Are we at war?"

I think CNN should have some sort of color coding on their breaking news blips. So as to let un know how alarmed we should be, Code Orange for the Cheeto and his Outrage Du Hour and then maybe some sort of varying degree of orange family depending on whether its an international outrage or if its just a minor national embarrassment or its something like  if he has gotten his hands on an original copy of the constitution and took white out to the parts he doesn't like. Don't think for a moment he and his team has not thought that this would be a good idea or what it wouldn't, eventually, float.

And then varying other colors that would signify, acts of war here, acts of war abroad,  mass shootings here, mass shootings abroad, famous people dieing, famous people giving birth, natural disasters here, natural disasters abroad.

Just so we would know how started and upset we needed to be.

This does not get the day off the start that it should.

This is why he has to go. And I'm starting to think impeachment is not good enough. I think jail is the answer. I don't want him in a position where he can claim victory or higher ground. I want him and his cadre and that includes Mike Pence, because don't you for one minute think that his hands are clean here, they aren't. He's dirty, he might not be the career criminal that Cheeto is, but he likes power, its much, much better than being Governor of a fourth tier state like Indiana.

 He wouldn't have taken the gig, no one else wanted it -  If he wasn't ripe for being turned - and the Trump people knew it, they found him and found his weakness and exploited it immediately.  They probably introduced him to some Russians, maybe some who talked to him about the Christian church in Russia - who maybe didn't even seem like the scary mafia Russians that Cheeto hung around with. No, nice, friendly, regular Russians and they got him on board and got him where they wanted him and and when he was offered the apple - he took a bite.  

I don't want Impeachment, I want Prosecution.

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