Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Big Sick Tiny II

My Day.

Got up, took care of business. Took dog to work, left dog in car - he protested this. I went to the office and waited until the Day care opened and called them to see if when I put my request in yesterday afternoon if it actually went in - It did not. Super.

Fortunately, they were able to come right over and pick Rocket up, got instantly lost on campus, which is very common when people first come here and so I stood around in the parking lot trying to flag him down.

He finally found us and fortunately, Rocket settled into being crated in the bus just fine! I was thrilled to learn that. So we will be taking advantage of that service again. It makes my life so much easier on mornings that I can't take him there myself, but I need him to be there. $10 for pick up service, can't beat it with a stick. I was afraid Rocket would freak out being put in a crate but he was very cool with it.

How is Tiny: I called this morning for an update and the report was that: Tiny is getting better, slowly, this morning he still had sludgy urine, so I spent the day freaking out and very clenchy. This is not a nice way to spend the greater part of your work day. They hadn't said he still had sludgy urine! They always talk about what great urine he was making, not about its consistency! They didn't say "Oh, yeah, he's making urine but it's been kind of like oatmeal", I think I needed to know that, so it was kind of a surprise and I felt like I had been punched in the gut.

 I knew they were going to re-run his kidney value tests in the afternoon, so I tried very hard to wait to call until late in the afternoon - because I call about every four hours to check in , so not calling for  an extended time was really, really hard - however by the time I did call - they had the results and they were great! In that they were completely normal! Before they were very close to dieing , so I was very happy. I was even more heartened to hear that his urine is much thinner and normal than it was this morning! Its still pink - I don't care about pink. I care about sludgy. And its not sludgy!

He's getting better slowly, they had to fit him with a different catheter that is better at being twisted because he's up and around and twisting his cath in a kind of unsafe way. So that is goodish   I wanted to hear that he was healing up and would be home, like as we speak. That was not in the cards, not what I wanted to hear, I wanted to hear that he was bouncing back like a beach ball and was blowing them away with his amazing healing and he could back home this afternoon! But isn't how it works. He will get better when he gets better.

Also, my glasses aren't ready and they were supposed to be ready last Friday. Also something that should not be hurried. With my luck they will be ready to pick up at the same time and they are about four blocks apart.  Grrr. Of course, Tiny ranks, I can get the glasses whenever.

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