Monday, June 5, 2017

Big Sick Tiny

How was your weekend? My weekend sucked.

Friday - Pet Hospital
Saturday - Pet Hospital
Sunday - Checked Tiny into Pet Hospital for procedure to treat his FLUTD, I should have had it done Friday, by Sunday morning he's kidneys were failing and his heart was following closely. He was very close to dieing .

I'm now in debt for the next year and a half. I had the procedure done at the hospital nearer to my house because I didn't like driving out to Cary and I have a relationship with the facility in Raleigh - even though none of those people worked there back then. I know the building, also, no long waiting times! Hated the long waits at Cary.

Anyway, he's doing better now. I call every few hours to check in. I had to take a shower earlier and it was lonely without Tiny there. I was working in the yard earlier and I kept looking up to the window and he wasn't there. Sigh. Last night he slept curled up  in my chest and it made me feel better, I wanted to make him feel better. Tonight he's in a crate hooked up to wires and tubes and a catheter and no one to snuggle with. I have Rocket and Ace. I know he's getting the best care, but he's all by himself and it makes me sad.

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