Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Are you watching #Downwarddog? you should be! Its lovely. Its about a girl and her dog. And the dog talks.

But the dog doesn't talk to her or anyone else in their world or even to other dogs. He talks to us. He doesn't seem to understand his person, although he loves her dearly and she is his world. He also fears that they don't have enough in common.

For example, he loves garbage. Nan, his person, does not love garbage. Over the course of the episode we learn why Martin, our hero, loves garbage and why he also hates garbage and the part of himself that loves garbage.

He remembers his early puppyhood and his Mother and how hard it was for he to feed his puppy brother and sisters and how she had o turn to garbage to feed her litter: They were garbage dogs and that his secret shame. He feels that Nan must know this somehow he was a garbage dog and always dirty and yucky and this is why she hates garbage and probably him too. He is very sad.

He was also out and about and away from his house because Nans stoner ex-boyfriend left the gate  kopen and let him out. he claims he loves Martin, but not enough to keep and eye on him. he seems like a nice guy  and that he really cares about Martin, but when it comes down to it, not nice enough and he doesn't care that much. He's just lucky Martin knows his way home, didn't eat anything  he shouldn't have and didn't get hit by a car on his walkabout. He's kind of an ass really.

Nan, in a parallel story is in NYC for her job, they live, we learn this week in Pittsburgh, and has a freakout in the conference room bathroom and remembers the poverty of her childhood and how it made her always feel dirty and how clean all the people in the conference room clearly had always been - it isn't until her friend and co-worker comes in and gives her a sharp rebuke and tells her to get in the now, right now, that she puts on her big girl panties and makes her presentation and does very well, because she is who she is now and that woman is good at her job.

We learn that she and Martin have more in common than he thinks. At the end, she gives him a nice bath and they learn about themselves but nothing about each because they can't communicate. Which is kind of sad, because we learned this deep things about them as a pair and it goes nowhere. Sad.

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