Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I forgot to tell you a story.

On Friday I ate lunch at Burger King, I eat there once a week. I would rather eat at my favorite Chinese place but they insist on watching CNN - when did any place that  feature TV decide that we have to watch news? Why can't we watch reruns or game shows or animal shows. They have cable, the world is their oyster, they could have their TV on just about anything else and they insist on news. I don't want to watch news. I want to eat lunch in peace. I can't do that if the news is on. That place has two TVs for years they kept one tv tuned to FAUX and one to CNN, fairly recently they changed them to being both the CNN, so I guess that is a win but , geeze.

I did score there once though. I got them to mute the TVs until I finished my meal.

So Now I go every Friday to Burger King to eat lunch, so I can eat lunch in peace, where they 1) watch sports on their TV and 2) have outdoor seating.

This Friday I was happily seated outside, eating my favorite chicken sandwich and reading my David Sedaris book. A woman approached me and asked if she could sit with me. There was another empty table  behind us and two others at the building - but I was really reading my book and I said "sure", but I was thinking Why are you sitting here? With me? Go away, go someplace else. Please don't talk to me, pleasedon'ttalkto mepleasedon'ttalktomme.  Thankfully, she did not talk to me and I finished my meal and left. As I was leaving I noticed she was eating a jelly sandwich!  It wasn't even Burger King food. Why are you sitting with me at Burger King and you aren't even eating Burger King food?!

That takes nerve. No one ever sat with me at the Chinese place. They would make you leave if you tried to eat a foreign, DIY  sandwich. However, they don't have outdoor seating, you are not allowed to escape their imposed 24 hour news cycle.

So in order to not get stressed out by the news cycle, I pay more for less food that is less good for me. I could pay less for better food hat I like better, but I choose not to because they won't change the channels to something less stressful. I pay more to have a less stressful, if less healthy lunch. Its a thing.

One of my friends from college wife was on a car accident today that left her with  two broken wrists and multiple broken ribs among other injuries. They have two young sons. Think  a good thought for them

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