Monday, June 12, 2017


I spent an entire weekend without going to the vet, instead I did laundry and watched TV and walked the dog and hung out with family and went out to dinner and cleaned out cat boxes, over and over and over. I've never cleaned out cat boxes as frequently in my life, or care so much about what I am taking out.

Tiny is producing, its just very small amounts. I am learning as I clean out cat boxes all day long, that even Ace doesn't produce much often. Ace produces more at a time but not more frequently. It makes me feel better. I would like to see bigger amounts from Tiny but the Doc has promised me that over time he will make more at a time. He has an appointment with his regular vet on Tuesday for a recheck and I hope he has positive things to tell me. I'm feeling better, I think he's feeling better but I am hoping that I can get a professional to  second that.

I think the cat peed somewhere and I can't find the spot..

I could have mowed the lawns but it was just too hot and I didn't feel like doing it. Then I idely thought about maybe I was going to mow the front yard after I got back from walking the dog, but then I  got back from walking the dog and I just didn't mow the yard. I took a shower instead and watched some TV. It seemed like a better use of time.

See, now I think I'm going to figure out what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow and then I might watch some more TV. Its hot,  it limits your options. I also spent the weekend being really happy this weekend was so different from last weekend, I hugged the kitty a lot, both the kitties a lot.

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