Friday, June 23, 2017


I didn't plan on going to Sam's every day this week but I went to Sam's every day this week.

Monday - Pre-planned trip to pick up prescriptions. I put in an order for an additional med. They call me frequently with suggestions of meds that they could refill, if I should want and I always want, even if I don't actually need them refilled, and then  I discover a med I need them to refill and this one seems to surprise them. Of course they don't have it and I have to come back. I also have lunch. I was supposed to pay my Sams bil today also but I forgot to bring it with me, its okay because I'll be back tomorrow to pick up the med. I was going to have lunch but the line was too long and there was nowhere to sit.

Tuesday -  I was not able to pick up the med because it was out of refills. I will have to wait until tomorrow. I also get a huge box of trash bags and I pay my Sams bill, this time I had lunch, pizza.

Wednesday- I refused to go into Sams, instead I go to Target and buy dog food. I buy gas $1.98 a gallon! at Sams. Sack lunch.

Thursday - I pick up my meds at Sams and think about their pizza, but the line is too long. I eat my sack lunch in my car instead.

Thursday I  discovered that I am not the only me on their client list, they have another Me, who is not Me. The other Me was born 3-10-1961 and they tried to give me not Me's script. I am now very curious about Not Me. Is Not Me using some form of my ID? Was the tech just harried and confused and mispronounced the Not Me's name? Or is something darker?  my ID did get stolen a few years ago. How do I go about asking the pharmacy if their client is an identity thief  and what we can do about that.

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