Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fresh Scent

I just sat down to start this and I decided that what I really needed to do was to get up right now and wash the comforter and couch cover in the living room because they both smell like cat pee. Like badly. I am being haunted by a phantom :  Phantom Cat Pee.

When Tiny was ill, he wanted to pee a lot, sometimes he peed for real and sometimes he did a pee pantomime. It was impossible to tell  one from the other, and sometimes he just leaked pee. My entire house turned into a giant cat box.

Fortunately, Tiny is better but the giant cat box odor remains. I don't know how to get the cat box smell out of a dwelling. I can wash what I can but the odor is everywhere. I have a very good product for it but short of soaking every surface - which would be expensive, and  not good for my floors - the product gets rid of the smell but it also removes the finish right of a floor unless it's dealt with promptly - I don't know what to do.

Eu de old cat pee is very offensive and it is currently everywhere. You open the door and get slapped in the face with it. It is not welcoming. I've tried opening windows and letting the house air out but there seems to be a feral  male cat that lives outside and that son of bitch sprays!, so it came to my attention that all I was doing  was replacing one  old bad smell for a  new one. That was a great day.

I almost feel like repainting a wall just to replace one bad smell with a different non cat pee one, maybe the paint smell would neutralize the urine? I've tried to track down the odor but it seems to be everywhere at once, its not like when the dog pees somewhere and its just a matter of cleaning up the one  highly visible small mess and moving one, this mess is invisible and seems to be taunting me. I think I take care of it and then next day its back, stronger than ever. It can't last forever, is going to have o break down over time.

I'm going to have to get room fresheners and plug in things. My house is going to smell like a daycare or a nursing home, i.e,  the lovely odor of too strong floral scented disinfectant  - but at least its not going to smell like cat pee.

For an animal that allegedly could not pee, he peed all over my house.

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