Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dealing With It.

And how was your day?  Did you know that you shouldn't really spend your day being pissed about how someone else is living their life? Well, I did. I had a low grade anxiety all day, made the day so much nicer.

 I can not and should not spend my day stewing over what you do in your life if what you do in your life is not going to change what I do on my life. Its stupid. I guess it had to be done though, I needed to process.

I can worry, worry is good, but I can't do it indefinitely. I can worry about terrorism too, I don't though. I was horrified when Cheeto got into office, I was very depressed, almost paralyzed by sadness for weeks - but I learned to live in this new wrong world, and I will learn to live in this new, new wrong world. I blame Cheeto for this, somehow I know this is his fault.

 Some people make their really, really bad, life altering choices when they are 15, some people make their really, really bad life altering bad choices when they are 48. Its about timing.  I will get used to it, I will be Happy and I will stop bitching. I will remember it is not my life, it is her life.

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