Tuesday, June 20, 2017

No Place for your Things.

When I was poking around the tiny houses, that are poky by definition, I had to wonder:  Where are you supposed to put your stuff? Where do you put your summer clothes in winter?" What about your winter coats over the summer?

None of the Tiny Houses or the larger trailer houses seemed to have anywhere to put dressers and there were no adequate closets. A Tiny House had a A closet. A small closet. It would be one thing to say that you would just have a shed or a rental space to store that kind of thing - but what if you wanted to take your Tiny House on the road,...

My guess would be that you buy your tiny wardrobe at  Goodwill or Salvo or whatever  they have where you are at the start of the season and then at the end of the season, you bag it up and donate it back at the back door and then go back around to the front door and  pick out your tiny wardrobe for this season.

You would have to decide how many sweaters each of you would be allowed, how many long sleeved shirts, everything would have to go with everything else. Essentially you would have to wear adult Garanimals, maybe you would share, so to stretch the wardrobe choices pretty much everything you would owned would be non-gender specific, nothing would really fit- however, it would work for your limited storage options.

And what about cooking? The kitchens in some were better than others. The larger Tiny House had a kitchen that had about the same cooking area that mine does- which is to say, not nearly enough but good enough once you get used to it. However, if you are used to a Gourmet Kitchen setup it would be impossible, the tiny-ist Tiny House kitchen was barely large enough to make toast in - and that was about what you could make in it. It came with a  small toaster oven and a hot plate and I bet you could fit in a very small hot pot. Bon appetit!   Thanksgiving Dinner is not going to be at your house!

And Christmas won't be either, kiss those decorations goodbye! Kiss the holidays goodbye, holidays are for people in real houses. You can visit Christmas but Santa isn't coming to see you, nowhere for him to go.  Forget Birthdays too, you have nowhere to put new stuff anyway.

And speaking of eating, there was no space for pots and pans and utensils and plates and glasses and cups and anything else you use in actual kitchen settings. No Tiny House came with anywhere to eat your food any way. My guess is that you eat it in you uncomfortable built in couch thing in the livingroom niche .

No room for Santa!? No room for you either! "living space", there is nowhere to stretch out, unless you go to bed, there is no where to put up your feet. You sit up straight because there is no space in which to put a sturdy table or ottoman or even a poof. The "couch" is actually a rock hard dwarf love seat/bench thing, good luck getting comfortable on that. You have no room for art on the walls or family pictures or collections of any sort. Its like living in a dorm room forever.

I haven't mentioned that in almost all of the Tiny Houses that you sleep in a loft with a seven inch head clearance. I hope you don't have issues with tight, enclosed spaces or enjoy sex. Because wow your options are limited.

You wear each others clothes and you share a plate and you live in a packing crate.  Lovely.

My assumption was that the Tiny House set eats out a lot. They all seem to be independently wealthy from weird not jobs that allow them to travel at will  - so as to spend as much time as possible not at home.

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