Monday, June 19, 2017

Tiny House Show

I hate watch a lot of Tiny House shows. Tiny House Hunters, hate it!, Tiny House Luxury, Hated it!, Tiny House Nation, Hate it!

I decided that after hating it on TV for all this time, the opportunity to hate it in real life was just too much to turn down. The Great American Tiny House Show came to Raleigh and I needed to go.

It turns out the GMTHS was tiny, there were only a handful of actual tiny houses on display and it seemed more about selling trailers and RVs then actually marketing Tiny houses, there were also venders there but they were not selling Tiny house-centric supplies either. The RVs and small trailer houses  they had were all much nicer than the Tiny houses.

This was one of the nice houses, you could almost spend time in this one. The kitchen and bathroom were larger then you would expect, but the bedroom loft was really far off the ground. there was very little living space. It seemed very tall and heavy.

This one got a big No from people who walked through it. It was the size of a shed and a single person would get on their own nerves in this place. It was "off-grid", a selling point for some, but this model was too small.. There was nothing with the actual square footage listed.

This is a trailer house. It was really nice. It featured a good sized bedroom and normal sized appliances and a real bathroom  and a loft, but the stairs to the loft were too steep. Otherwise, it was nice and very livable.

This one also has wheels, but I can't imagine trailing it anywhere. It was the most livable and homelike of all of them, excluding the RVs, which dominated the live-on-the-road category . This one was really nice and could sleep a family comfortably. It was the most clearly something you could live in. It was also ungodly tall and heavy and I could not imagine trailing it behind any consumer vehicle, you would have to pay someone to take this from point A to point B and then leave it there - which would be the idea with something of this size. There was another "tiny house" outside, but I didn't like it at all and didn't get its picture, it was just ugly and too tall to trail. I thought maybe it was on hydraulics or something. It was too narrow and just wasn't okay at all, no one was waiting in line for it at all, the above had a line the whole time I was there.

So now that I have actually been in a a couple of  Tiny Houses, I can now say froma more educated place : STOP BEING SUCH SNOBS GO BUY AN RV! They are all nicer, an RV is CHEAPER and its actually road worthy and  safer.

But if you never have a chance to go see Tiny Houses in real life, go and see Tiny Houses, its worth the trip.

Great American Tiny House Show

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