Thursday, June 1, 2017


Tiny kitty continues to recover. Last night he hid from me, which is Aces act, not his, so that was disturbing. He is still squating all over the place and not peeing and that is not making me happy - after he was effectively and expensively, roto-rootered , he should be peeing all over the house like a fire hose! I mean, Yay for not peeing all over my house, but I was hoping for more progress after he was roto-ed. I kind of thought he would stop popping squats around my house and looking so troubled. I've been giving him his pain meds, but now I wonder if they are working.

I am  however, finding little pee balls in the cat box and that is heartening, I can tell the difference between the large, healthy, hearty pees of Ace and the tight, angry, pees of Tiny and its more of an education than I wanted. But at least there are pees of Tiny.

Today I went back to the vet and got some urinary track health food for him and Ace to share. Ace loves it, Tiny looked at it and walked away. I'm hoping that there is a similar kind of food out on the open market or better yet, at the  pet food boutique I shop at because the vet food is expensive, even more so than the expensive cat food I already invest in. Hopefully, a food that Ace will have more of an interest in.

Today was weird at work. I knew something was wrong when I couldn't focus on taking messages off the over night message system, I had to listen to the messages over and over again to get phone numbers and names written down correctly, then my printer decided it didn't want to speak to my computer and that took forever to get fixed and then pretty much fixed it self after we turned my computer off and on a couple of times. Then after lunch, I came back to work and I walked face first into a migraine ( I think the inability to get the numbers in the morning had something to do with the brewing migraine) and that sucked and took  too long to go away ( but that you migraine rescue med for busting in and slapping the shit out it and beating it back for me, with minimum time face down on my desk.) - but I still got all my work done! And I  even got my correspondence distributed , which made me happy.

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