Monday, June 26, 2017


Sunday I went to a Moveon Cook Out.

It was more fun that it sounds. I and I was glad I went.I did have to drive out to BFE and that was a little bit of a challenge for me, but I did it. But, if I moved out to BFE, I would not live in a subdivision, you can live in a subdivision where its more convenient. If I'm going to to live in BFE, I'm going to live on a big lot in a farmhouse, maybe I'll have goats or free range chickens. I'm not going to live shoulder to shoulder with my neighbors.


There were about 12 people there, more than I thought, so that was nice. I was afraid it was going to be me and the woman who hosted it. A good mix of ages including an adult man with what appeared to be unmedicated ADHD.

When the rest of us were giving our Resistance CVs - how many of us went to Washington, who was at the Airport... he was wandering the yard,  he was in the shrubs, under the lady's porch, generally wandering around kind of zoned out like a little kid. He was we learned, a Bernie Bro. Shocking. His wife didn't seem to be paying any attention to him at all - she clearly was used to this behavior.

While he was giving us his CV, he said he thought the whole Trump Russia thing was a "waste of time". I decided he was a waste of time. Also he needs meds. Several different kinds for several different problems, also he could use a smack upside the head or three.

Everyone else was very nice and now I am on another email list.

I wanted to go to the cook out because it sounded like fun and I hadn't gone to one this summer and going to one where there will be no chance at all of having to hear 45 positive politics was a plus. However, a cook out that was all politics, was a little less then totally fun  too.  I did have a good time though, it was a lovely place, I had a great lunch and I met some new people.

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