Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Today was a very big day for me.

I mowed my yard! I have mowed the yard , but I mowed it with my big lawn mower! LIke a grown up! I did more than politely  push the grass over! I actually hurt the grass uniformly! My front yard looks so nice now!

Its been so long! First the electric mower had some sort of switch problem that the electric mower people could not get fixed, then the electric  plug in in the front of my house stopped working months and months ago - that was  a huge problem! It doesn't matter how fixed your electric lawn mower finally is, if it can't get power, it can't mow. Now it can. Thank you Daddy!

It turns out it wasn't an electrical problem at all, it turns out it was just a massive fire issue problem, the inside of the receptacle was clogged with leaves and yard waste and yuck and it couldn't get the power from point A to point B. At any moment it could have gotten dry enough and all of that yuck could have ignited and I would have had an electrical fire.  It never happened because I finally stopped useing it, but its still scary to think about.

Oh, In honor of my parents Anniversary which is today. I was in line at the grocery a while ago, behind this  really cute older couple, and they were play arguing over how much money she had spent on the groceries. The checkout girl asked them how long they had been married, the wife smiled at her husband to give him the go ahead to answer and he said, "Three weeks, May 15".

To my parents, married much longer than three weeks, June 27, 1964.

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