Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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They canceled my happy dog show! I;m so sad now. I knew something was up when I noticed they were showing two episodes this week, two hours later than normal. It was not a good sign.

I should have known. I mean, it was  quirky, probably too so. It was a hipster girl in a baby doll dress and window pane glasses cross stitching something rude on a tea towl level of quirky and the hipsters still weren't feeling it.

I mean, I understand. It was supposed to be about a girl and her dog and the girl was almost never with her dog and she did make really questionable choices  about her dog. She left the dog alone with a strange dog in a strangers house and just took off for a few hours and was like whatever, I was agast.  I would have never done that, it was asking for something really bad to happen to either one or both of the dogs or the house or the dogs and the house.

And then she left her adult male dog alone with a baby puppy and I was like why do you want harm to befall the puppy? There is a reason we don't leave adult male dogs alone with very, very young puppies and its not because they cuddle too much. They hurt puppies. they don't like puppies, they are much, much larger than a puppy and they could hurt a puppy too easily. Don't leave an adult dog alone with a very young, very small puppy unsupervised. As it was our hero shoved the puppy down  a flight of stairs.

Another issue that needed to be addressed : Is this show about her workplace and what she does for a living and how she feels about her job and her friends at work OR is it about her dog and her life with him OR is it about her dog and how he feels about her and his version of her life? There was entirely too much going on and it was confusing and muddy, what was the show supposed to be about? Pick a line and got with it.

It did not do a good job balancing these and it shouldn't have had to. My advice would have been to dump the work place and focus on her and the dog significantly more. I am much more invested in the dog than I am in her work mates or any plot involving marketing a women's clothing chain.

I am really hoping it gets picked up on a different network or on a streaming service somewhere because I will really miss the dog.

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