Thursday, June 29, 2017


I'm pretty sure my friends family isn't going to do a funeral for her or least not a public one that her friends from work could go to.  It would be nice to have some closure, but you can't really demand that the family, who you don't know and have never met and have no idea how to contact, come across with a pricy funeral because you need closure.

I think she would like to know that her friends wanted to go see her off, but maybe she wasn't into funerals, it could have been her choice. It would have been nice to have a decent obit though. Because really, you know, at least a decent obit, is it too much to ask? I also want to know how her dogs are? She had two very elderly, sickly black labs that I made cookies for every Christmas  for years. She got them after her husband died so she wouldn't be alone in the house and those dogs were very important to her, and if they are still alive, they must be devastated by her loss.

Well, that's about it. I did get the dogs med, I think it was cheaper this time around, so yay. It was all about me calling the vet to get them to call the pharmacy to get the med ordered though. If I had left it up to the pharmacy to call the vet to get the med ordered it would have taken a week to get it. It would have been super awesome if the pharmacy could have called me to let me know the script was ready or, if when I called to check on the script if the computer had been up to date, because it told me it was not ready and I had a stroke. I then called back and talked to a person who told me it had been ready since Monday...

Now I'm going to empty the dishwasher and fill it and maybe run it! Whee!!!

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