Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dear MoveOn member,

Yesterday's New Yorker quotes a number of high-ranking administration and military officials on the possibility of pre-emptive war with Iran. Not only do the officials say war is really on the table, they report that the Bush administration is making plans to use nuclear weapons.

Iran may well pose a threat. But people as diverse as Richard Clarke, Hillary Clinton, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff agree that a nuclear attack or even threatening one is a terrible idea. Yet the White House insists on keeping the "nuclear option" on the table. And according to one member of Congress, "there's no pressure from Congress" for a more diplomatic route.

This is one place where all of us can agree: Americans don't support a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Iran, and Congress must act to prevent the president from launching one before it's too late. Please send a message to your representatives at the link below and forward this message to friends and family who you think will be concerned.

Don't nuke Iran

It sounds ridiculous and yet and yet... Ridiculous plans are SOP with the administration. North Korea has been doing the same saber rattling bull shit and Shrub et al does nothing. I guess it matters if you do your saber rattling in an oil field.

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