Thursday, March 8, 2007

Parking the dog

Dogger and I took an only slightly abbreviated version of our normal walk and Dogger seemed to tolerate it well. We were stopped a couple of times so she could be pet, so she had some down time on the way. I had tossed around the idea of taking her to the park but it turned out to be a beautiful day and I thought there would be too many dogs there and she might get over tired. I’m not sure she’s ready to play with the weekday varsity squad quite yet, I’ll probably take her by there over the weekend as historically there are fewer dogs and the few dogs that are there, aren’t the week day dogs. Dogger doesn’t do much playing with dogs she doesn’t know well, in fact she can be down right standoffish so it’ll give her a some off leash time but not tax her unduly. I’m afraid she would be so excited to see her dog friends and their people that she would over do it. I’m also factoring in one of her very best friends as he has fallen off the wagon humpingwise and I’m afraid his great big paws wouldn’t be able to get a good grip on her baldness and he might slip and squish her.

This is the longest we have gone without going to the park since vacation last summer! I don't think we've been to the park since at least last Tuesday and I feel like I’m missing out. It’s times like this I wish the forum they set up was more active. It’s not like I’m missing out on any dog park gossip either, as I’ve said before we see each other almost every day yet we don’t know each others names. It’s hard to dish on people you don’t know. I feel like I really “know” the people whose cars I recognize in the lot. I know that BoBo’s dad drives an Element and that Max’s mom has a station wagon and Enos dad drives a great big duelly. I have recently learned that Bobo’s dad’s name is Ray and that Max’s mom is Jan. Eno’s dad might be a landscaper. I don’t know Dizzy’s moms name but I know she’s a grad-student studying arachnids and that she has 52 tarantulas in her apartment.

Example of Dog Park Gossip:

Dog Owner 1 - Were you here for that fight the other day? Go run around

Dog Owner 2 - I think I just missed it. No!bad dog! I got here after it was over

Dog owner 1 - It was bad. “Go play!”

DO2 - That’s what I heard. Who was in it? Oh, wait, I’ll be right back!


DO1 - “StopitStopitStopit!Go play! See him? Go chase him! What is with the wood chip eating?

DO2 - I know! It goes in phases. Fluffy's dad followed her around with bitter apple to make her stop.

DO1 -Did it work?

DO2 - I don't know. No! Come Here, come here, Come here! Ew, baby dog that’s yucky! Oh, you know she isn’t going to go get that.

Do1 - Is that hers? I thought that red one was hers.

DO2 - No, Bonkers is the girl with the blue hair who doesn't talk to any one's. that one's dog is Fitzy. She’s always on her cell. “Get Down! Leave it! Leave it!

DO1 - “I can pet you at home! Go run around!” Oh, I know her! “Go play”. Better that one guy, Blitzen's dad? He was loaded the other day.

DO2 - Really? “Don’t sit here! Go play!”

DO1 - You know who hasn’t been here, Skipper and his Dad Damn it! you're a girl! Get off of her!

DO2 - I heard they were in puppy school. Oh new dogs! Go run! Go get’em!

DO1 - Good! One who wants to run! Go! Go! chase that dog Go!

I miss the dog park.

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