Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cha, Cha, Changes

I just saw a preview for Land of the Lost. Why GAWD Why! Is it true that Will Ferrell  is physically unable of  saying No! to money? because  I think this was a  a really great opportunity to test that theory, because clearly now he has a very real problem and a crap movie.  I saw two minutes and I think I may have to cancel my Netflix. What's next Sigmund the Sea Monster ? I mean really.  Johnny? Scott? I see one of the boys from Suite Life with Zack and Cody and one of the Jonas Brothers in the Johnny Whittaker part. It would be utter crap, but it would have a bofo opening weekend and possibly spell the end of both Zac and Cody and The Jonas Brothers, so it wouldn't be a total loss.

I'm not going to cancel my Netflix just yet. I'm going to start re-watching Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip. I follow Matthew Perry on Twitter and he's a genuinely funny guy. I initially tuned into S6otSS  when it was on TV for the Chandler Bing and stayed for the Matthew Perry. I wish  now he was spending more time working and less time playing video games and going to Ducks hockey games. Someone give the man a job.

Changing the subject. I want everyone to notice that Dogger is voluntarily wandering around her room and she is using all four feet simultaneously.Today she and I took her first real walk since the end of March! We had been taking short, theapeutic walks for the last two weeks but they were short and I wanted to see if Dogger  was up to a longer walk - As is turned out those walks were useful and her endurance has really improved. When we started she could only make it a couple of houses down the street before she wanted to go home. It took weeks but those little walks did their job. Today, she and I walked all the way to the rec center and all the way back. I have to disclose that she did want to lay down once we got there but she got right up and walked all the way home. Her gate is much better than it was and she only hopped a couple of times when she was hurrying to make an important pee. I was very heartened.

She is also looking a lot better too, a lot healthier and a lot less lame. She is still bald on her leg and hip and where her IVs were inserted but more importantly she  has regained some of the weight she lost and I think her muscle tone is much improved, I mean there  is clearly some muscle waste and loss but I think she is starting to slowly make some gains. She still has a long way to go, the vet said up to eight months which is about what the yahoo group people talk about too, but I think we're on the right track at six weeks out from surgery. Everyone think positive thoughts about the wound staying clean,  the repair staying strong and secure and we both remember that she has a very long path ahead of her and we don't get over confident and do something stupid and wreak everything.

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