Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden Update 6

Yay! We have vegetables!

True, they are just wee little vegetables but! We have vegetables! The peppers aren't doing anything right now except making little flowers but it's also really early for peppers to be doing much more and my brocs, my poor baby brocs. Deep sigh. They are being eaten alive! By imported cabbage worms! I want to check for their green cards! And you know they never filled out their I9s! Where is Michell "Anchor Baby" Malkins outrage about these aliens? These nasty little green worms of doom or as they are more commonly known; The Spawns of Satan, must be stopped.  The little wormy beasts are so far completely unfazed by the rain of veggie napalm I've rained down on them and when I pick them off by hand (ick) they come back stronger. They are  the  stubborn gray hairs of horticultural pests. I am Lorelle! because thus far the most effect way to fight them to for me to stand over the plants and pick them off by hand, sadly, I do not think my boss would allow me to call in "gardening" - So sorry! I would love to be into day but I've got my hands full (literally) picking off these little green worms! I can't make it in today.

Along with the worms there has been so much growth and development over the last week, the jolly green tomato now taller than I am and has completely outgrown its cage!  I've had to tie it up, along with most of the other tomato plants because they are just going nuts. I did however, prune back my babies because the plants were wasting valuable resources on maintaing too many branches too near the ground. I did some looking online and found directions on how to  better care for my guys : prune everything back that is below the first set of flowers, get those bottom feeders out of there, and while you're at it? get rid of all those suckers and other branches that do not need to be there either. If it looks questionable and it doesn't have flowers attached to it? Make it go away. I made a lot of questionable branches go away and now my plants look better and have more resources to expend on growing fruits. Yay me.
Oh! I almost forgot! Even more awesome then my baby vegetables! 
My fully mature raspberries! 

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