Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Election Day

Hello Children! Rise and Shine! It's time to go vote!

Okay, not all of you, not even me. But  some of you have elections to go vote in. Lucky kids! Oh the joy have having control over something, anything! These elections will have a turn out only slightly higher than the number who showed up on your wedding night.

That is the problem. This year the rethuglicans and their brown-shirted minions are going to be out in force. The tea partiers, the "we're not racists we just hate Black people", the stupid, the frightened the Glenn Beck followers. The base of the Republican Party. They want to be heard and they want to be respected and they want the rest of us to fear them. Elections like this make them wet.

Because they can win them. They can get their minions on school boards and city councils and any other below the radar seat then can find - because these are where the power is. They can turn the clock back, they can create sleeper cells of hard right terrorists and no one will notice because these are unsexy elections and no one cares and they aren't really publicized. You would only really ,know if you were running yourself. They are all local and low end. Perfect.

In Raleigh these under the radar seats will decide if Raleigh stays in the Now or goes back to 1957. Segregation, separate but equal , Jim Crow in our schools. The right-wing likes to call them "Neighborhood Schools", what they really mean is Get Those Black Kids Out Of My Kids School. Period. It will end busing, it will end integration and it will end futures. Raleigh will become Selma. That is what it is about. Its gross but its true.

I don't want to live in Mississippi. The Good Guys , you can print this out and take it with you to the polls.  Don't let a brownshirt take it away from you.

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