Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I just want the weather Gawds to know that as much as we all appreciate the lovely rain and cooler temperatures that they have graced us with - Totally, Thank You Weather Gawds - But and there is always a but, I still have tomatoes trying to get ripe and they need it to be warmer and brighter to do that, so thanks for the autumnal weather but can you just reschedule it? Thanks.

Also? I don't have enough sheets to cover all my plants if it was to say if it were not possible to reschedule winter or if it just gets much cooler... true, I do have a lot of sheets, I have a sheet set problem, but... I'm not sure what would be worse from my plants, to get cold and freeze to death or to be crushed to death by flannel sheets. Poor plants.

Weather Gawds, I just need two, three weeks of eighty degree weather and fourteen hours of direct sun a day - I don't think this is too much to ask in October is it?  They are not calling for frost  here yet so I feel that we still have a fighting chance, right? I mean, right?  It can't be too late!  there are still have little yellow tomato flowers out there and cute little green tomatoes! Lots of them! Many different kinds! The world roots for baby things! Right? Everyone wants them to reach their potential, right?


There are very few little baby peppers out there. The  peppers for their part seem to have thrown in the towl, they got s really good second wind the last few weeks and though and produced their little hearts out for that time. I don't see many waiting in the wings anymore either, a couple maybe and they don't seem to be getting larger but maybe...  I mean they could really pull out a big win here.

The baby brocs are all ready getting chewed on.

Moving on.

I've been using these tooth whiting things I got cheap at Poverty Barn for two days, can anyone tell? Can you tell from there that I have cleaner, whiter looking teeth? Apparently this new design stays on your teeth better, I'm glad they improved because even now its a battle the whole five minutes to prepair a cleaner, whiter tongue. The strip for your top teeth works really well but the one for your bottom teeth kind of induces drooling and I don't think they talk about that in fine print.  I don't like my bottom row of teeth anyway, maybe if they stay tea stained and dark, they'll just fade into the background?  The packaging says you can tell the strips are working if your teeth feel "dentist smooth" after use. I guess I've never felt my teeth post-dentist visit because "smooth" doesn't feel familiar to me. They felt "smooth" after I had my braces off but since then I don't think I've noticed and for that matter, just how strong are these things if they are some how sanding the surface of my teeth down? I wanted whiter teeth not smoother teeth. I'm a little concern now.

I looked at the packaging and it says something about removing tarter as well. Do you know what your dentist uses to remove tarter? A sharp thing! A hard, sharp pointy thing that the hygienist goes to school to learn how to use! What is in these things that they come equipped with tiny little hygienists? I'm not just concerned, now I'm a little worried. Just who is paying these tiny hygienists? Am I going to get a bill? Will these tiny, unpaid hygienists prevent me from attaining a sexier government job?

I took the strip off. Are my teeth whiter and smoother from there? Should I be able to see my uvula through my teeth?

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