Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hop, hop

They teased us with snow but  now are planning on tormenting us with rain. Forty degrees and three days of rain, I can hardly wait. Oh to be cold and wet! And to be cold and wet at 5:30 am is a treat beyond measure, on the upside, Dogger doesn't care for the cold and wet anymore than I do so our morning walk is more like a morning pit stop as she much prefers a quick turn around the front yard to a slog around the block.

A few minutes ago she wanted to play tug of war with a pen,  she was all Ohhhh! Look what I have! Is this something of yours? Do you want it back? I don't want to give it back! I've got your thing, I've got your thing! She was so proud of herself but  I really didn't want to have this fight with her, one because I didn't want her to swallow sharp pieces of shattered pen or to be some kind of dog contrarian and  develop a taste for them, because that could not  possibly be good of  for her or there would be a dog food that came with tiny pieces of shattered plastic all ready, oh wait, they did that all ready and it killed dogs.

 I can't imagine that ink is something the vet wants her to have and there is the matter of the ink that she wouldn't manage to ingest that would get all over the carpet - through hard work and determination and luck,  the stains on the carpet thus far have been to limited to earth tones, I really don't want to have to deal with ink.

I think it might be time to cut back on her glucosamine. I  don't want her know know this but it secretly makes me happy to see her race around and be so energetic, for the first ninety-seconds then I have to grab her collar and tell her to stop and explain to her what is really fun is laying on the carpet and playing with her bone. If she doesn't remember what happens when she jumps around, I certainly do.

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