Thursday, February 24, 2011

Six of one, half dozen of another

I get tired of people accusing my dog of shitting in their yards. More annoying then being hectored for something  we didn't do is to get hectored as they are driving past me at 35 miles an hour so I am unable to defend us against this charge. If my dog has shit in their yard, I have promptly and completely removed it.  My mellow has been seriously harshed.

Well. If  I am not welcomed in the yard with my dog I am also not welcome to remove the cans and bottles either. I wonder what they will find more annoying. My dog peeing on their landlords yard or the winos leaving cans and bottles there? Because if I am forced to avoid that house, I will avoid it completely. I hope they enjoy the piles of broken glass and cans that will be a result of my diligence. I do hope this summer that the lady keeps her landlords yard mowed and shrubbery trimmed because I would hate to have to call the city and complain about her. Those pesky city inspectors and their ordinances!

There is one other house on my route that I also avoid . While she has not objected per say,  the homeowner is a well known  neighborhood nut job and Tea Party Queen and I fear if I was to remove the mountain of cans and bottles that have accumulated on the fringes of her lot that she would accuse me of stealing from her. So I resist and the clutter mounts.

I am also annoyed because its winter again. It was warm and now its not, I was feeling so hopeful about the end of the real cold that I took the step of putting away my second largest winter coat and replaced it with my third  largest winter coat. I had all ready taken my largest winter coat out of rotation and If I have to bring it back in before next winter, I'll cry.

It was so bad this morning I had to wear a scarf again! I thought I was done with scarves! I just hadn't put them away yet because it after all February. I was really excited about  not wearing scarves anymore as for a period of time, a dark, cold period I call January, I was forced to wear two scarves at a time and my largest winter coat and I was still cold all the time. Its never going to get to be spring at this rate, if I had known I was moving to the frozen north I would have more seriously considered my dedication to Chik Fil Lay. And I'm mad at them now too. I wanna go home.

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