Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good News

Bing Bong the Witch is Retiring! Happy dance of joy! Yay! Yay! Now, to school myself to not to react that way when the formal announcement is made. I'm pretty sure that bouncing around and squeeing is not the way to respond to this news, I would also guess that forming my own praise band and screaming Hallelujah at the top of my lungs is out of the question.

Perhaps quietly expressing my congratulations and then politely gazing at the floor is more appropriate reaction. I am planning a post-retirement buffet though, something tasteful and low key and then we'll be able to acknowledge each other birthdays and then move on to celebrate each others  birthdays and Secret Santa and everything else that cow decided for us that we wouldn't do. And no, she didn't belong to a faith that doesn't do those kind of things, she was just a bitch. Was! was!

My next question would be : How long does it take you to get retired anyway? She decided today that she wants to leave and I'm pretty sure that its a process and not a fast one either. It would be just like her to get our hopes up about her getting the hell out, only for her to stay around for months being a bitch instead. I'm pretty sure that retiring isn't like quiting, but I'm not sure she grasps that. You just don't walk into the boss's office and declare I'm Retiring! and then walk into the sunset, I think there is a lot of paperwork and channels that have to be gone down and meetings to attend and all of that sounds time consuming and her staying-ing.

Sigh. But, Bing Bong the Witch is Retiring!!

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