Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I woke up in  the middle of the night because, 1) I forgot to put food in Small Cats bowl or 2) I remembered I am in charge of one of the customer service surveys we are conducting at work and half my group is either out sick or on vacation and the two of us remaining aren't worrying enough.

I blame the proliferation of Christmas trees. The survey is due to be rolled out sometime around Christmas and it had seemed like a really long time from "now" - when "now" was before Thanksgiving. Its "now" almost Christmas.

Whatever the reason, I needed to be awake and worrying. I like the Small Cat option because he was being so lovey and sweet and there and it was so easy (after I was up and around) to fix. Note to self though : Don't make you cat beg. They don't forget that.

I went to work and put some time into our survey as well. I think I feel better now. That does not make me proud but... Oh, I don't get paid enough and I have co-workers that make me homicidal on a daily bases and yet I still wake up in the middle of the night worrying about the status of a completely bogus customer service survey, we don't really care about their thoughts but its on our bosses job description. it technically her job, but we do all of the work. Love. Her.

 I prefer to think about how I could have possibly not realized that Small Cat was out of food! I mean, I am his sole support and yet I still let him go hungry!

I mean how awful is that!? Poor little kitty had no food and he was sad and weakened and was reduced to begging. I didn't even put it together! I thought Oh,  sweet, he lurves me1 The fuzzy and the  fluffy and the purring! Oh, so a good baby! It didn't even occur to me that he was whoring himself.

And worse, this went on for hours. He was  all but wearing thigh highs and red lipstick and I was just not seeing it! I blame Tex  for this. When he was hungry he destroyed anything he thought he could break and get my attention, he didn't ask, he told.  Baby Kitty asks politely and I ignore him for hours. I think I'll get rid of the new breakables just in case he decides to really get my attention.

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