Monday, September 29, 2014

An exhausted weim is a happy weim

I fell behind on my Behavior journaling! I feel really bad about letting it slide the last few days. It wouldn't stop raining, we didn't get our evening walks, his Thunder Shirt sagged when it was supposed to cling and he peed the floor. There was a lot going on.

But I got caught up and I found the receipt for the shirt (turns out that for an exchange, one is not needed, but if it doesn't work out, even in the smaller size, I can take it back without worry) and I got the next smaller size. There is hope for us all.

I am learning that Rocket needs a med that is much longer working than what he has now. He is super awesome in the morning, immediately after he is dosed. he is calm, quite and together  - right up until they wear off, mid afternoon when he becomes stressed, anxious and uncomfortable. He  jumps off the futon, begins to pace, stand by the door and the  crosses to stand in the window, he does not do these things in the morning. It is clear that he needs a different medication, not just more of what he has now, although, the increase has helped, its just not enough.

I didn't know how important his daily walks are to to frame of mind! I knew it he needs the exercise, but it was never so clear that he needs it more that for keeping in shape! Good, daily exercise is good for both mind and body. It became evident from watching him that on days he does get a walk, he is much calmer  and at ease the next day, on the other hand, on days he does not get a walk, he is stressed and higher strung. I didn't know this and it makes it even more important that I keep up the walks, the exerbike is good for me but it does nothing for him.

Today we went on one lengthy walk int he late afternoon and a second less far walk, after dinner. I am hoping that his Monday afternoon is better than it was Wednesday, I really hate cleaning up dog pee.

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