Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My own private Eldon, Day 2

Today Eldon brought reinforcements!  . His son. They are sanding with sanders. They also unplugged my sat again so I am at a loss. I did my homework for him  though, he was quite horrified at all the paint we got on the ceiling during its last painting - he hates the popcorn and really, really wants me to pay him to remove it. I told him I don't see that well and the popcorn ceiling isn't the visual roadblock that it is for some people. However, I did spring for ceiling paint to cover up the sloppy traces of yellow paint on it  that add to his all ready deeply offended sense of aesthetics.

Sanding, sanding, sanding.

It rained, but it waited until Dog and I had just started our walk, so we went to Wally instead. When I came back, the painter was waiting, I hurried up to turn off the alarm on my phone and got bags out of the car and sprinted inside - The alarm wasn't ready yet.

It always wants me to test it . It passed! It passed and I got to the control panel before it called the cops.  I didn't feel too dopey. It was a test! I tested it!

The painters son drives a truck with a confederate flag where the front licence plate would be if this were a real state. I think I'm going to get a Hilary sign for my front yard. He is also singing and was playing a radio. I can't watch my TV and he gets a radio? I am annoyed. I hope someone eggs his truck.

Sanding, sanding, sanding. I didn't know I had that many surfaces.

Rocket and I eventually got a real walk and it was nice. On our failed walk earlier, we met one of his little friends and the friend snarled at him and jumped at him! It was not fun. The dogs person was horrified, but everyone was okay and we went on our way. The other dog is an Akita and as pretty as they are, they aren't the friendliest dogs and I wasn't really surprised, frankly, I'm surprised when we run across an Akita and we don't get snapped at.  The guy is really nice and he was thoroughly mortified by it.  I felt him, I knew exactly what was going through his mind and how scared he was. It sucks.


On our  more successful walk later after it stopped pouring,  we met two guys walking four dogs and it was a much better meeting. I did notice that Rocket had his hackles up and I think its because it was remembering his earlier run in with his friend. These new dogs were very nice and it ended much better.

Did I mention I can't watch my TV?

Good God! With the  Sanding! Shite.

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