Thursday, July 9, 2015

Reaping what I sowed.

I  sat down to watch a few minutes of shark week, because shark week and the next thing I knew, hours had passed and I was watching some pseudo documentary on a no-show giant shark. Then I watched another hour on a different giant shark that also never showed up.I'm not sure what they do on Shark Week anymore, but it's not teaching  us about sharks.

But before I could be hypnotized by absentee sharks, I made dinner. I am, I should tell you that I am the most locavore locavore who ever locavored.  My dinner was peppers from my garden, tomatoes from my garden and venison harvested down the street from my parents house.

I made stuffed peppers.

Aren't they pretty! So nice and boxy! So much better than peppers of years past. Much joy. I cut two of these from the bottom because they were flatter on  the top end and stood up by themselves without leaning, it was harder to get the seed pod out but it was manageable.

They had to be blanched first, because I'm like that. Then I stuffed them with the local deer and a smaller pepper and some nice tomatoes from the garden and spices.

I topped them with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese.

 So good!

I had two for dinner, the very largest and the smallest one, they tasted divine!

After dinner I watered the front patio plants and I found

A baby ear from my first Elephant Ear plant! The one I thought was dead! It isn't! I has risen! I am so excited!

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