Wednesday, July 8, 2015


 I would have gotten started on this earlier but I wanted to add my new shoes to my "gear" on Map My Walk and I couldn't find anything with the shoes name on it. It was a bother! My shoes are apparently too cool to have a  name written on them, instead the shoes are decorated with faux graffiti and the words Walk, Swim, Run, Bike . Very helpful is figuring out what you are supposed to do with the shoes, not to much in figuring out who made them and which shoe it is.

And don't say "What does the box say?" because I got them at a discounter and the box is incomplete! I was lucky to find a tag with the makers name on it still on the couch where I left it when I put the shoes on for the first time. They are, by the way, awesome, but they are so loud I can't sneak up on anyone. They are  very cool none-the-less I think though. And they weren't cheap either, even from DSW and on clearance at that. However, I deserve good shoes! I walked a thousand miles last year, most of them on substandard footwear.

Not this year! These shoes are made for walking and taking care of my feet. According to the info on MMW, these are good for 400 miles - Which is sad for them because for what I paid for them, they are going to make their 400, and then like the Energizer Rabbit, they are going to just keep going. To be honest though, I won't wear them much over the winter because they are summer shoes and designed to keep your feet cool, I don't need cool feet in December. These will be a nice long rest over the winter and be ready to go next spring when I reintroduce myself.They'll last a good long time in spite of themselves.

What I'm looking for now is new Tevas. I wear mine every day and they are about to have a blow out. The rubber is worn down and they look really bad. According to MMW they have have about two weeks left before I need to go to Zappos and replace them.

I'm not going to Zappos. They're convenient, they aren't cheap. I need cheap, and Tevas aren't so I'll be stalking them on the interwebs until I can find a good sale. I might break down and go brick and mortar because I actually need them in my hot little hands sooner rather than later. What I didn't know is that there are so many Tevas and so many of them are so expensive! I had no idea! I thought Tevas were Tevas were Tevas... As it turns out some of them are rated to go up Everest and cost about as much as the flight to get there. They make some very intense sandals.

I don't need an intense pair of sandals, I just need some Tevas, something between "Lets Climb A Mountain!" and  "Wheee! These Flip Flops are Fun!". I don't need hardcore hiking sandals or dressed up flip flops, I need the pair in between, that doesn't cost more than my sneakers and that can make it several hundred miles before they also need to be replaced. Let us pray.

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