Thursday, March 3, 2016


I went to pick up Rockets now much more realistically priced med and then decided as long as we were in the neighborhood, I should go see if the cats new  fancy, specialty cat food could possibly be picked up at a big box pet store. The answer is "No", my brand of fancy, specialty cat food is not sold at either big box pet store.  It can however,be ordered online, if I find myself short of  cat food and am somewhere that does not have a pet food boutique .

Even though, as I am thinking of it, I don't go anywhere that doesn't have at least one pet food boutique. I can get it mailed to me if the local pet food boutique does not carry my brand of fancy, specialty cat food.

Ace is going to visit Alphagal and Broskey and their chilrin for the weekend. Tiny is going to be presented to Sweetie Pie and it needed to be a one man show this time around. Sweetie is a dowager cat now and Ace is not a favorite, we thought it might please her if Ace was not there and possibly, open her up to being nice to Tiny. I think it took me longer to get Aces stuff together to spend the weekend away than it is going to take me to spend the weekend away.

While I was at Target, I bought a new  at work charger for my phone. I had an old one but it got a crimp in it and stopped working, I bought a cheap replacement that had the benefit of being really long - but it took an even longer time to charge the phone and that was not a benefit. I bought a better cord, a twin to one I have already, that charges the phone much faster. I will suck up the lack of convenience with a much faster charge.

Today on our walk downtown we met a guy with a Newfie and a Great Pyrenees . Rocket was like Dayum! I come in peace big guys! No threat here!, they were very polite. A few minutes later a yappy Minpin snapped at Rocket and was so mean! No manners at all.

 The big dogs were models of decorum, what nice dogs! They seem like such great pets to have but I imagine his place is just all dog fur and probably smells more doggy than my place does. Even if he cleans non-stop and is always  on top of it, the place must just be coated with dog fur and then he must spend hours on top of that just grooming the dogs. I love a big dog, but give me a big dog with short fur any day - as floofy and soft and cuddly those enormous balls of fur surely are.

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